Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Running Stats

I only recently realized you can easily calculate your totals on the Garmin Connect website.  I don't expect many people other than myself to find this interesting, but since it appears I have some down time before the fan might get hit (hopefully it will get hit only AFTER I'm home), I figured I'd do some number crunching and show you that this blog, though neglected, has not been completely abandoned.

My yearly totals:

Count:251 Activities
Distance:3,525.90 mi
Time:693:29:13 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:580,929 ft

The "251 Activities" is fairly arbitrary-- if I run to work and then run back from BART 10 hours later, I will typically record that as one activity rather than two.  So the the only thing certain is that, on average, I don't run more than 5 days per week.

Regarding distance, I probably need to add up to 100-200 miles for really short runs when I wasn't wearing my Forerunner, or during races when I lost reception or the unit ran out of battery power.

Training Runs Over 26 Miles:  13
Training Runs Over 5 Hours:  18

Trips (About 1 Week Each) Offering Really Awesome and Beautiful Trails on Which to Run:  4


Total:  13
100-milers: 6
100-kilometers: 0
50-milers: 1
60-kilometers: 1
50 kilometers:  5 *
* = includes 1 organized Fat-Ass Run
DNFs:  0
Number of ConsecutiveYears Racing without DNFing:  8

Lifetime Ultra Races Finished:   Somewhere Between 105 and 115, depending on how you count, so I probably surpassed 100 this past year.

Races from This Year I Haven't Blog-Recapped Yet:  5
Estimated Months It Will Take Me to Catch Up with the Blogging:  15

For those who bothered to read this far:  Happy New Year!  Peace and Joy and Great Running to You.