Friday, September 17, 2010

Today's Commute to Work

Ran to work today, 21.5 miles mix of hilly trails and some flat road, 3 hours 33 minutes with the water stops.  I always enjoy doing this, but today (technically yesterday) I found it exceptionally enjoyable, pure bliss.  Several reasons:
  • Hadn't done it in a while-- with all the 100 mile races this summer and my work schedule.
  • Had worked 18 hours from home the day before.  Couldn't find anyone to cover the last few hours from hell.
  • Spun on my bike 4 hours yesterday while working.  Better than sitting on my butt the whole time, but not always fun.  Running outdoors is SO much more enjoyable.
  • Was able to nap an hour this morning.
  • Remembered to bring the tunes.
  • I thought I'd woken up from a morning nap too late to do hit the ridge with great views of the Bay Area.  But I had hammered the first 90 minutes so realized I had time.
  • Someone had cut back the poison oak in the section rife with it.
  • Was able to go around the cows (including calves) blocking the trail without causing a stampede
  • It was a gorgeous day.
  • Knew I would make it on time to shower without having to rush.
  • One more shift and then tomorrow (technically today) camping with work friends at Big Sur.  First camping trip of the year.  I'm so psyched.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Angeles Crest 100 and Week at Donner Lake, Brief Recap

Once again, haven't had time to finish my full AC 100 report.  So two more this year adding to my backlog of unfinished recaps.  Here's the skinny on my race I wrote on the La Sportiva Mountain Running Blog, with some photos from our family trip to Donner Lake.

Angeles Crest 100 Mile “Recovery” Runs