Monday, October 27, 2008

British Mountain Run Stormed Out

I generally don't post news notes like this on my blog, but noticed this on Yahoo while up all night working, so in case you haven't seen it and you're interested. As satisfying a post as a little poot when I feel really bloated and want to rip a loud, smelly fart.

Runners camp, sleep in barns as floods cancel race

What's it with European trail runs?-- they're so large (2,500 participants).

Not sure I'd be excited about doing trying to run a race carrying a sleeping bag either.

I'm pretty sure it dumped way more than 2.5 inches during this year's Kettle Moraine, but I guess my race wasn't at altitude.

(btw, I'm still sporadically working on my Rio del Lago report. Not that anyone's going to read it this late.....but true to the ultrarunning spirit, better to finish late than DNF.)


Rick Gaston said...

What? I'm still waiting for the rest of that Rdl report. By the way I ran into a runner at Firetrails from Canada who is still waiting for your report on the Stormy 100. I told him to keep waiting. Don't be so modest, I looked it up and you placed well.

Paul Charteris said...

Hey Mark

That event looked crazy, here is the BBC news with video. Unbelievable those Brits would hold a race in such conditions!!

Check out all these videos also....

Cheers, PC

Harald said...

Fear not, Mark.
It *is* going to get read!