Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Workers Comp Fraud While Ultrarunning?

Okay, this is juicy, filler article while I continue to struggle to find time to complete my backlog of 4+ race reports.

We're supposed to assume innocent until proven guilty, and I was thinking the shoulder and thumb might not be needed to run an ultra, but the 6.2 mile swim as part of the super triathlon will probably blow that defense.

I've never met her, but many I know undoubtedly have; I can safely assume only one degree of separation.

Robert Mathis of is quoted too. Here's the link:


Clara said...

Wow...that is just ridiculous. Did she not think anyone would be suspicious? Holy moly...this is to show that you can never trust any fellow runners you meet during races. :)

Evan said...


It shows you how desparate runners get to keep the work load down so they can have some fun. But, there is zero excuse for this. Taxpayer money funded her quests.

That is why I am anti running. People dont make rational choices when addicted to it.

Nick said...

Maybe her third-place winnings for the Ultrarunner race series this year will help defray some of her court costs ... or not.

Glorybelle said...

I'm so glad she was found out. This happens all too often (in many lines of work) and it's a shame. I have a feeling the hunt will not end with her... thankfully!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Ahhh, the transparency the internet provides in full force. I giggled as seemingly 60% of this article was based on a Google search.