Saturday, May 8, 2010

My 2010 Quicksilver 50 Mile Unrun

As I write this, the lead runners in this year's Quicksilver 50 mile run are heading back from the Sierra Azul aid station and turnaround (I think mile 43) toward the finish to enjoy the great post-race barbecue.  I ran this race 4 straight years 2006-2009, but today the morning was spent finishing up dispositioning and charting on my last patients on my overnight and then 4 hours at my kids' preschool fulfilling some of my yearly work commitment requirement thing.  I've never gone to this work party they hold every spring because I either run Miwok or Quicksilver.  My mandatory slave labor during my first time at the spring work party was spent wiping down shelves (not too painful) and all the the wooden and plastic teaching aid toys on those shelves, most involving many small parts (very painful).  Plus the varnish stuff seeped through the latex gloves the school director provided so my hands burn.  Then I painted shelves.  Here is a staged shot of me in action taken by Christie, another parent who wiped with me all morning.  Check out my 2008 Sportiva Mountain Running jacket.  This needs to be put on the cover of UltraRunning.

I would like to mention that I didn't manage to fall asleep last evening before my overnight shift, so I have gotten maybe 4 1/2 hours of sleep since Thursday morning after a sleep deficit before that.  So, this is great training for my next 100 mile run, coming up really soon.  It is amazing I can type this.

By the way, I wanted to mention that I almost finished my Ruth Anderson 100k report soon after I finished the race, but my schedule got really crazy after that, including all these training runs I managed to fit in in between all this other stuff.  I was going to blog about these runs and fitting them into my hectic schedule, but the schedule stayed too filled for me to even do that.  Funny how that works.

By the way, I am running for the Quicksilver team in the PAUSATF Ultra Grand Prix.  But even if I weren't, I think I will go back to running the Quicksilver 50 mile every year.

my 2008 QS report (part of my Miwok-Quicksilver-Ohlone triple)
my 2009 QS report

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