Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not Pacing Kaburaki at Western States

Apparently last year's 2nd place finisher at Western States, Tsuyoshi Kaburaki from Japan, is not running again this year.  He reportedly aggravated his hurting Achilles tendon while winning the North Face Global Challenge 100k in China last month.  This photo from that race explains how this might have happened.

(Aside note:  I was unable to get a course map, results or any other up to date course information on this race from their website, just flashy graphics, funky music, and info on their other races.  If anyone figures this out, please send me the link.)

I was going to pace Kaburaki from Foresthill (mile 62) to the Rucky Chucky river crossing (mile 78).  I was feeling apprehensive of my ability to do this two weeks after finishing the San Diego 100 mile, but a two hour run today confirms I would be up to the task.

I could still go up and join all the excitement and pace some other random person from the list, but Friday night is girls' night out for my wife, and early Sunday morning I have this male-bonding event at the shooting range with some of the other founding dad of the public charter school I helped found, and then have to work 10 hours starting that afternoon.  So not sure I'd want to be running all Saturday night   Plus, there is the domestic political capital expediture that maybe I should save for the 100 milers I'm running this summer (up to three races in six weeks, still deciding.)

Maybe I've learned to value my unsullied Western States virginity...  For the rest of you getting knocked up this weekend, good luck and have fun!

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ultrarunnerbrianphilpot said...

I wish I had stairs like that I'm the back yard, training on them would be sweet!