Thursday, August 12, 2010

Disorientation on the Trail and Road; Link to Brief Headlands Hundred Recap

Occasionally while running on familiar local trails, I become so absorbed in the moment that I become completely disoriented and forget where I am.  I always find this an enjoyable experience.

Last night driving to my overnight ED shift, still trying to recover from a sleep deficit accumulated even before being up all night at PCTR's Headlands 100 Mile Trail Run this past weekend, I had a similar experience on the road.  Where the hell am I?  It was a little scarier, probably more dangerous, and not as enjoyable as when I am running trails.

Fortunately, I survived my commute and graveyard shift, and took great care of my patients.

Once again my work and family schedule is such that I'm not sure when I can get my full race report up.  But here's a link to my quick Headland Hundred blurb on the Sportiva Mountain Running Team blog.

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Anonymous said...

I often experience moments like that on the trail, too. Very enjoyable.

Wondering "Where the hell am I?" is much better than wondering "Why the hell am I doing this?"