Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Too Sleepy,Tired & Pressed for Time To Feel Guilty for Not Blogging

How I ended up running 24 1/2 miles (instead of 14) this past Sunday volunteering to course check right before Skyline 50k, 5 days before my 100 mile race in Squamish (near Vancouver), British Columbia this Friday (August 8th), might make an interesting story. Too bad I don't have time to blog the report now. Not to mention my Tahoe report, which has at least one part you all might find amusing. I am so exhausted, I'm dizzy and feel sicker than half the patients I am seeing at work. I think I felt better rested during my 3rd year of medical school or my worst rotations in medical residency. Working 3 to midnight, 3 to 2am and then noon to midnight while trying to pack, attend and plan birthday parties, do a gazillion other errands, and with our older son not in daycare since I was too cheap to pay for a week when he'd only be in 2 days-- doesn't help either.

Not quite getting some sleep on the BART in before the last 3 miles running on Sunday morning, photo by Chihping Fu, who ran down with me from Skyline aid station in Redwood Park though Joaquin Miller Park and Oakland.

I guess since I'm supposed to be an endurance athlete, I should stop whining and just SUCK IT UP. (Does this apply if I puke? Yum....)

The good news: My iPod Nano, which got drenched during Kettle Moraine in early June, after several unsuccesful attempts to turn it on, surprisingly worked last night at 3am. I guess it just took a while for the water to evaporate out of that USB port.

So, will have 3 race reports and that tag question thing that went around a month ago still to write after retruning from the Pacific Northwest.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your summer! Ultrailnaka man loves you all. xoxoxo


Baldwyn said...

You look much cooler trying to sleep on BART than I did the day before. I looked like I was homeless.

If I can locate the waterproof enclosure I bought for my wife's iPod nano (1st gen) just before her nano stopped working, it's yours for the next rainsoaked run. She may have put it out on the curb already tho. Hope you get some rest before Friday.

Peter Lubbers said...

With all your sleep deprivation, I am glad to see you're taking BART (not driving), Mark.
Take care,

209Mike said...

It's the point of the movie where the superhero is down and out and there's no hope. I can't wait to see what's next. I'm still laughing at the fact that Chihping has a picture of you on BART. That guy is everywhere with his camera. Good luck with the 100-miler this weekend.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Mark, thanks for slowing down for me, the injured and undertrained guy. It was a rare chance that I could run with you on this adventure. I hope you rest well and have a nice run this weekend.

201mike, it's actually Mark's camera. My hands were full with Skyline 50K course marking gears earlier. I wanted to focus on the job so I had to drop my camera in the car. Indeed, both Mark and I were somehow sleepy at the BART ride.


garobbins said...

Mark, looking forward to seeing ya in Squamish this weekend...get some rest...but not too much!!

Gretchen said...

No reason to feel guilty anyway Mark, someone has to be as big a slacker as I am for blogging. At least you have excellent excuses. I do keep looking for that Tahoe report though...;)
Hope the race today is going well!!

kate said...

Just checked the 100 mile race results- looks like you did great, Mark...hope you can find some time to hideaway and rest this week...you need it!

Michael Kanning said...

Ouch, reading this makes me really happy to be a high school student on summer vacation. You can do it man. Six weeks to RDL!!

Anonymous said...

As much as you run and race you are entitled to a little down time and vacation from the blog scene. Glad to hear you're still alive and kicking. Anticipating your upcoming race reports. Take care man.

Bob Gentile said...

I'm Too Sleepy,Tired & Pressed for Time To Feel Guilty for Not Blogging

lol just a little guilty? come on a little !!