Friday, March 12, 2010

Chillin' Before Cool

I think I'm supposed to be looking over our tax packet before we send it to our tax guy, but thought I'd make a quick post. Amazing the errands and stuff around the house I can get done when I'm off AND I have a compelling reason not to go running all day. Today's reason not to run is my race tomorrow, and not the fact it's raining all day.

Finally replaced the broken seat (left) of my son's cheap-ass Lightning McQueen bicycle Santa got him from Target.

We're expecting either 1/2 or a full inch depending on how I interpret the ambiguous weather forecast. (Is the half inch expected overnight the same as, or in addition to, the half inch expected today?) Have decided to run my first race not with my Raptors, but instead with my Wildcat GTXs, as the course was probably already muddy enough to begin with. It'll be cold when we start, 36F, only getting up to 47F by my expected finish around 12:30. Gloves also packed.

Have to wake up by 4:15 tomorrow morning to drive out to Pleasanton and carpool with three of my Quicksilver teammates. Ugh. Luckily I had switched out of my 4 pm to 2 am shift I was originally scheduled to work yesterday (thanks, Steve!)

I got permission to run with the black Rho singlet for a couple trail races in the PAUSATF Ultra Grand Prix series. I can give them some points, and depending on how I do, I can get some partial entry fees refunded. Will have the singlet over a long sleeve shirt made by Greenlayer Sports, which has replaced Sugoi as the maker of the jerseys for the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team.

Different look-- green mixed in, so coincidentally matches the colors of my high school and my kids' future elementary school and probable high school.

This may be the last time I run Cool in a while. Bad timing with the beginning of T-ball season (I'm missing my son's first game), and around my wife's birthday (I'm on a strict deadline to get back so I can make dinner). I will have to run a respectable race (in this sort of thick field, will be lucky to place top 20) to restore family honor.....

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