Tuesday, March 2, 2010

La Sportiva 2010 Mountain Cup

The 2010 La Sportiva Mountain Cup race schedule has just been finalized.
Uh, my own race schedule's pretty full (preview of my calendar coming soon, though it's currently in the column to the right), so I won't see you at any of these races...

But $25,000 in cash prizes will be issued at the end. If you are fast or run enough of them, you might win! Here's a link to a summary of last year's Mountain Cup. Regardless, you will have fun!

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Scott Dunlap said...

That's a pretty cool series. Thanks for posting.

BTW, noticed a typo of sorts on the La Sportiva site (http://mountainrunning.com/mc/ should say "2009 was even better."), and tried to contact them but the contact us e-mail also doesn't work. If you could forward it on...