Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post-Firetrails Decision

To prevent Firetrails from being added to my list of long overdue blog reports*, I'm going to try a new approach this time.  Instead of trying to finish the whole thing and then publish, a task I can't see happening anytime soon, and maybe not before my next race in two weeks, San Francisco 24 Hour, I think I will go through different themes and knock them off one by one in manageable portions (and then index them here).  This will be easier for you readers to digest also.  We're all busy, right?

Your feedback always appreciated.

* list includes:
STORMY 100 (2008)
Fear and Loathing 50k (2008)
Mohican 100 (2009)
Cascade Crest 100 (2009)
Hundred in the Hood (2009)
Headlands Hundred (2010)
Angeles Crest 100 (2010)

I actually have at least few interesting things to write about each of them.

Yes, Firetrails is only half the distance of each of the above races (aside from the 50k), but a lot of stuff came up today.  I thought it wouldn't, but it almost always does.


Anonymous said...

Nice dude. Let the writing flow, let the healing begin.

Us newbies learn from experience and the written word, ya know.


Anonymous said...

I'd be interesting in hearing about the Fear & Loathing 50K. As an urban ultra, it seems very different from your normal trail events. But reports from any of these events would be great. Keep it coming.

Sid Chen

chris mcpeake said...

Wondering what you thought about stormy ( thinking of running it next year). Good luck in the upcoming race