Sunday, August 23, 2009

15 Days Since Headlands, 5 Days Til Cascade Crest

Getting excited about my next 100 mile race this Saturday, Cascade Crest 100, east of Seattle. Compared to the Sunday before my last 100 miler, Headlands Hundred August 8-9, I am:
  1. much less sore. I can run down steps today, as opposed to barely being able to hobble down them on August 2nd (the difference between 2 weeks versus 1 day of recovery). But still not optimally rested; this is NOT an optimal training and taper schedule for a hundred mile race. At the beginning of last week, 8 days post-race, I ended up making a running date with a med school friend I haven't seen in almost a decade. Though relatively new to trail running, she pushed the pace, and we were doing 9 minute miles on the hilly trails on the west side of Chabot. I found this challenging, but it was a perfect antidote to exercise withdrawal. link to Garmin google map of route. The real issue is doing two 100 mile races three weeks apart. Hope Berenice doesn't mind I've posted her photo without asking her, but doesn't she look great after 8 hard miles?
  2. thinking about the upcoming race much more. 3 weeks ago I was one-day post Vineman (report will be up in a day or 2, I promise), and soon busy hanging out with my kids, who we took out of preschool for the week, and entertaining my sister-in-law and her kids. So I had no time to think much about Headlands. This felt a little strange on race morning, but maybe not a bad thing. Also, Washington state is much farther from home than the Marin Headlands, so Cascade Crest involves more meticulous logistical planning. Barring another unanticipated gastrointestinal glitch (as hit me at mile 76 of Headlands), I am feeling pretty good about this next race.

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Eudemus said...

Have a great race, Mark. Cascade Crest is such an awesome course!