Thursday, August 27, 2009

Burning Up to Run with Madonna

So, I admit to having halted race preparation (while multi-tasking) for Cascade Crest 100 in two days when I saw this link posted on facebook:


Never mind the single quotation marks they had to put around "ultra marathon" or that this is technically a staged, multi-day ultra.

I went immediately to the Marathon des Sables website to figure out how to enter.

Despite the 3,130 British pound entry fee (which at current exchange rates is over $5,000), not including airfare and additional expenses, I was seriously considering entering. The opportunity to participate in a famous multi-day race in the scorching Sahara-- maybe not quite worth that much money. But with the added bonus of getting to hang out and maybe exchange massages with Madonna every night for a whole week? -- priceless.

However, I was soon made aware that articles debunking the rumor such as these had already come out:


I hadn't even noticed that the event is already sold out (without any spots on the wait list) through 2012.

Oh well.

proposed new ultra running outfit (if flat-chested like me, can store gels in the breast cones)

first published Thursday, August 27. 2009 at 3pm


Baldwyn said...

I find fishnet stockings to help with chaffing issues too.

I have high expectations, now, of your costume at Javelina Jundred if you ever run it.

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Hilarious! The fishnet stockings idea might actually work! And such an attention getter too!


rustyboy said...

I think a corset is the way to go. But that's just me.