Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 Days Since Vineman, 3 Days Til Headlands

It's Tuesday evening, so I'm almost midway between finishing Vineman last Saturday evening and starting Headlands Hundred this upcoming Saturday morning.

I thrashed my quads. Still pretty sore. I hope my body will be recovered enough by Saturday to enable me to finish without excessive bodily harm. I'm definitely not going to be hammering this next race. Even 24 hours seems-- ambitious. Set my expectations low. Focus on having fun.

So, a brief recap:

Swim (2.4 miles, 2 out and backs)-- minimally adequately trained, went well enough
Bike (112 miles, 2 modified loops)-- very insufficiently prepared, and proportionately slow
Run (26.2 miles, 3 out of backs)-- made up for some of my slowness on the bike by sub-4ing
Transitions-- definitely not fast, but this was my first triathlon of any distance in six years

The race results on the website is sort of messed up, so I've duplicated my results here:

Start Time 06:36:14
Official Finish 13:22:03.8
Overal 293/683 (57th percentile)
Men 251/523 (52nd percentile)
M40-44 49/99 (51st percentile)

Swim 1:34:52.3
T1 0:09:12.6
Bike 7:36:57.4
T2 0:07:26.8
Run 1 1:10:01.2
Run 2 1:18:24.8
Run 3 1:24:50.8
Run (?) 0:00:17.8 -- not sure what this number is, but it's listed on my results page
Run Total 3:53:16.8 -- my calculated sum of Run 1 through Run 3

I didn't think I was going to feel compelled to write a race report, but as it turns out I do. So another for my backlog.

The lack of cross training I did for this race belies the emotional investment I carried. In a way, finishing this race in strong form was something I had waited six years for.


Gretchen said...

Sweet, Mark- nice job!! Yeah, I think you owe us the full report for this one. Better do it before this weekend or you'll be even more backlogged! ;)
Good luck @ Headlands!

Peter Lubbers said...

Hey, Mark. Not bad at all, but now it's time to focus on running again! ;-) Good luck at Headlands!

Baldwyn said...

Awesome job, on minimal preparation. Was it the biking that thrashed your quads?